Loon Jewelry

The Golden Loon carefully crafts each piece of jewelry into its own masterpiece. The handcrafted loon jewelry including pendants, bracelets and necklaces, all center around this elegant and delightfully mysterious bird. The loon has inspired generations of people across cultures with her majesty, and continues to be a good omen today.

The loon is known as a creature with natural intuition and protective instincts. The loon is also intelligent, adaptive and strikingly elegant, making it one of the most common birds seen in northern folklore and art. With attractive black and white feathers in interesting markings, the loon is a sophisticated bird that is subtle and confident. The Golden Loon takes each of these characteristics and instills them in every necklace, bracelet and pendant, so you can take the beauty of the loon with you wherever you go. As the state bird of Minnesota, the loon is dear to the heart of all Minnesotans, and is also beloved by many other Northern states as well as Canada.

Find the perfect gift for a friend or family member or purchase loon jewelry for yourself to take the memories of the north with you wherever you go.