Dollhouse Miniatures

The Golden Loon crafts exceptional miniatures including furniture sets and flooring for your creations. Each piece is crafted with the most intricate detail, regardless of size or scale. With dozens of pieces to choose, you can find the exact piece you are missing, or you can easily find the perfect piece to complete your setting.

Your Victorian mansion may be filled with intricate pieces, or it may be a rustic country home with charm and appeal. The Golden Loon crafts many different furniture pieces with a variety of styles, so you can find a piece to fit into your setting. With three different sizes and scales, you can find the perfect size to fit. Choose from desks, cabinets, fireplaces, tables, chairs, beds and many more to fill each room with elegant, detailed furniture.

Find a new addition to your collection, select a gorgeous gift for a friend or family member or start your collection with your very own hand-crafted piece. Take a look at the gallery and click to take a closer look at any item.