About Us

The Golden Loon brings beauty and elegance into every item, from the handcrafted loon jewelry to the wooden, miniature dollhouse furniture for sale. Whether you are looking for a piece you can wear and show to your friends, you are looking for a special gift for a daughter or granddaughter, or you are a collector of artistic miniatures, you will find the perfect piece at The Golden Loon.

The gold and silver jewelry pieces, including necklaces, bracelets, pendants and more, feature The Golden Loon’s namesake, a bird as important to history as it is beautiful. The black and white loon is known to glide quietly across chilly Northern waters from the U.S. to Europe and has inspired countless myths, legends and folklore. Norwegian fishermen depended on the intuition and guidance of the loon, and many today still see this beautiful bird as a good omen. The handcrafted miniature dollhouse furniture exhibit the same fine craftsmanship and attention to detail, but with a more whimsical style. With a variety of sizes and many different items to choose from, you can find a piece to fit into any cozy corner of the miniature setting.

Visit the jewelry gallery to see the latest gold and silver creations or take a look at the miniatures section to find an adorable new dollhouse addition.